Digitrama gaming, pave your way to joy with our exciting games.

We at Digitrama believe in giving our users an immersive and seamless gaming experience. Our goal is to come up with creative ideas for developing interesting and engaging games.

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Why old classic games ? Here, know what’s on our mind.

How often do you get the chance to say “Ah! The good old days” ? Nostalgia and those wonderful memories. That’s exactly what we want our users to feel everytime they play our games and for that we’ve developed with a modern touch the classic board & arcade style games.
Parents can play with their kids, share and relive their childhood memories and kids in return can experience and enjoy the games their folks use to play.

Since our games can be played by a person of any age be it a 10 y/o kid during a study break or a 50 y/o man at his office, it will be equally enjoyable for both and you can play our games anytime and anywhere.

Low on storage ? Don’t have a phone with high end features ? Well these are least of your worries because you can play our games even on a basic smartphone with lowest of specifications.

The wait is over ! Play now with your friends, family or random players maybe you’ll make a new friend over a game of Ludo who knows !

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